A Diverse Range of Freight Forwarding Services in NC

International Cargo Services in NC

Customs Clearance

At Cargo Express, we provide convenient customs clearance services in NC at the most cost-effective rates. We prepare and submit all kinds of documentation that are necessary to facilitate export or import of cargos to and from your target countries, prepare clients for customs evaluation, take your cargo from customs after clearance and deliver it safely and payment of duty.

Some of the export documents that we prepare for customs clearance are:

  • Packing list
  • Shipping bill
  • Purchase order from the buyer

Some of the import documents that we prepare for customs clearance are:

  • Sales invoice of the supplier
  • Air way bill
  • Packing list
  • Bill of entry and lading
  • Purchase order from the buyer


Containerized Cargo

Cargo Express holds a great reputation for providing a wide range of freight forwarding services which includes expert containerized cargo solutions. Hailed to be as one of the most efficient modes of cargo transportations, our containerized cargo service provides you benefits like:

  • Cargo safety
  • Transit time is reduced
  • Reduced expenses during loading, transshipment and discharging
  • Curtail storage expenses and cargo transport

Not only do we provide a complete door-to-door containerized cargo delivery for the domestic market, but we also offer the service for international markets in Africa and the Middle East as well. All your cargo that may comprise general goods, wares or commodities, are shipped in containers that are reusable and non-disposable. These containers are designed in a way that makes them suitable vessels for being used on the sea or ocean. Moreover, our containers come in varied services to smoothly facilitate the shipment of your goods. To transport any bulk goods worldwide, safely and securely, you can avail our services for international cargo shipping in NC.

Roro Service

Our Roll-on Roll-off shipping service is the most favored method to transport wheeled vehicles globally. Under this service, your vehicle is driven inside a ship and is kept securely below the deck till it arrives at its target destination. After arriving, the vehicle is then driven off from the deck. One advantage of hiring this service is it costs you lesser than any other method of shipping wheeled vehicles. It is not without a reason that we are known as the most affordable shipping company in NC. By opting for our RORO freight forwarding service, you can also transport vehicles that have no wheels like helicopters, boats and even large plant equipment. Since these vehicles are huge and will not fit in any standard container, our RORO is just the kind of service you need for ocean freight transportation for such enormous vehicles. We use a specialized platform vehicle to roll on and off your vehicle. Besides, the vessels in which your wheeled vehicles will be transported have in-built ramps and watertight and weatherproof holding places. To keep you free from any kind of movement or weather-related damage, your cargo is securely blocked and tied down below the deck for the entire journey.

Interstate Courier Service

Our interstate courier express service provides pickup of parcels from North Carolina and delivery in the Southern United States. We also provide warehousing and distributions of cargo. Hotshots and regular routes contracts are acceptable by us.

Dry Cargo

We provide dry cargo ships that are used to transport solid dry goods. Things like metal ores, steel products, grains and coal, are highly tolerant of heat and cold and this makes them fit for being shipped in dry cargo ships. We provide two types of dry cargo ships- Bulk carriers and container ships, depending upon the kind of cargo you want to transport. If your cargo comprises coal, cement, metal ores, availing our dry bulk shipping carriers for such unpacked bulk cargo would be a wise choice. On the other hand, you can use our container ships to carry non-bulk cargo in truck-size intermodal containers, specially designed to ensure a safe transportation of your non-bulk cargo.

Trade Services

At Cargo Express, we possess an in-depth knowledge of overseas markets as well as fundamentals of particular trades. Our expertise enables us to provide you with market-specific advice on factors impacting your cargo transit like:

  • Local or overseas regulatory and political changes
  • Terminal conditions
  • Local or overseas transport infrastructure
  • Any applicable customs procedures

Our trade service also includes cross trade shipping in which goods are transported between two countries from the country of operation, through the most important trade lanes.

Air Cargo

We provide a wide array of export and import air cargo services that cater to your particular requirements for various types of goods, trading nations and time specifications. Our international cargo services provide the most cost-effective transportation solution along with efficient communications. We aim to deliver your cargo at the target location promptly, in the best condition with an added value. This makes us more than just a mere provider of air freight services in NC. We use the best quality packing materials to securely pack your cargo and ship it by air across the globe, with a special focus on African and the Middle Eastern markets. Besides, for a hassle-free import and export experience, we manage your account for all customs procedures.

Warehousing and distribution

Besides offering freight forwarding services in NC, we also provide expansive spaces to store your large-sized goods. We use state of the art infrastructure in our storage areas like:

  • Shelving and rack systems for maximum storage capacity
  • Inventory control software to identify the product owner
  • Equipment like pallet jacks, forklifts, conveyor belts and more to move the products from one point to the other
  • A climate control system to preserve frozen, pharmaceutical or laboratory products and prevent degradation
  • Top class security systems to protect the products that are stored

Some of our warehouse-related activities include receiving, offloading, forklifting and stacking the goods. We perform all these activities in a well-coordinated manner. We also distribute the stored goods to your target business users and final customers promptly and without damage.

Our warehousing and distribution offer numerous benefits like:

  • Clean and secure warehouse environment
  • Products are handled and stored with expert care
  • Regular delivery to meet your immediate requirements
  • Cost-effective warehousing located near your customers
  • Reduction of elimination of expensive immediate shipments to customers
  • Regular communication of warehousing activities
  • The stored goods are safe and secured against damages and threats