International Cargo Services You Can Trust

With a wealth of experience in the shipping industry, Cargo Express brings to you the best-in-class international cargo services. We specialize in providing shipping services that go above and beyond in enabling you to transport cargo to any international location. With a team of highly-qualified cargo shipping experts, we move your freight in the most efficient and reliable manner. With us as your international cargo shipping experts, you can stay assured of having a hassle-free experience while we transport your cargo to all the key locations in the world.

Our international cargo shipping is done in a systematic step-by-step process. We understand that the needs of one customer won’t be similar to another. Each cargo has diverse requirement; some needs more attention than the others. Hence, we go a step ahead in providing you with excellent international cargo services tailored to suit your specific needs. We take pride in having state of the art infrastructure and when combined with our valuable industrial experience, you can only expect to have trusted the right international cargo shipping professionals. Whether you want air, dry or containerized cargo, we provide you with a customized international shipping solution that fits your needs.

What Does Our International Cargo Services Include?

Containerized cargo: We provide door-to-door containerized cargo delivery for both domestic and international markets. We use reusable and non-disposable containers that are ideal for being used on the sea or ocean. Whether your cargo comprises general goods, commodities or wares, we ensure maximum protection for your cargo till they are delivered.

Dry cargo: Transporting solid dry goods will never be a difficult task once you hire either of our dry cargo ships – bulk carriers and container ships. Depending on the kind of cargo you need to transport, choose from our top-notch dry cargo ships to have the best international shipping experience.

Air cargo: Our first-class air cargo service is the perfect solution if you want to export or import cargo in the most convenient manner at an affordable rate. Using the best quality packing materials to secure your cargo, we ship your goods by air all over the globe and ensure prompt delivery. In addition, we also manage your customs procedure, thereby providing you with a seamless air cargo shipping experience all the way.Want to know more? Get in touch with us today.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today.